Little Red Devil

Red gbbs_7

  Written: Krystal Gonzalez                        
 Photographers: StanceMiami         

    Honda enthusiasts are a curious bunch. The moment a person embarks on their quest to modify their Honda, they almost instantly become hooked; it’s almost like a sickness of some kind. Even though every car enthusiast has their own opinion, everyone can appreciate a clean 8th gen Si. 
    Four years ago, Jovannie Quiles from West Palm Beach, Florida became the first owner for this ’08 Honda Civic Si. Garage kept until 2010 with 17k miles, Quiles tried experimenting with several wheels while choosing springs for suspension.
After a while, I started to see the stance game go crazy, so I decided to go that route with the Si.” 
   Quiles took about 3 months to finally get wheels and full suspension on the car, and the stance look he was going for was finally complete.
After the build I started to go to several car show events at Palm Beach International Raceway and people showed me a lot of love for my Si, but with that love came plenty of imitators. Now seeing a lot of these cars built the same way, bigger plans are to come in the near future.

     There’s no doubt that most people have their preconceived notions about civics. But despite whatever prejudices you may or may not have, this car has curves anyone can appreciate. I like to think of it as a clever mix of performance and unique styling that stands out anywhere. It’s the unique things that people do to their cars that get attention and respect. Well done, Jovannie! 

Red gbbs mck
Red gbbs mck_4


Red gbbs_13

Red gbbs_6

Red gbbs_2

Future plans:

  • Skid plates
  • Turbo set up or bolt ons with ARC parts
  • Bride vios III seats
  • Ap2 Retros w/ s2k shrouds/flat black housing w/ hid bulbs and 55watts ballast
  • Wood grain trunk floor
  • Upgrade audio system
  • Different wheels
  • HFP lip kit
  • Navi
  • Fogs
  • Buddy club n+ w/ upper pillowball mounts
  • Camber kit: Skunk2 Anodized Gold
  • (Front camber: -3.2. Rear camber: -6.5)
  • STI Lip


  • Wheels: BBS rs 17×9 +19, painted transparent gold faces, 24k gold rivets
  • Tires: Ns-1 205/40/17

Red gbbs_5

Red gbbs_4

Red gbbs_8

Red gbbs_9

Red gbbs_10

Shout Out: 
“Shout out to my pops for keeping me motivated and shout out to the crew Fortunminds!!”

Red gbbs_1


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