In the Wild

G35 Blue WM

Written: Krystal Gonzalez                        
Photographers: StanceMiami 

  These days, we’ve come to expect a lot from Infiniti. At the time of its debut, the G35’s refined styling and sporty performance made a loud statement. With such an aggressive look and power to back it up, this car is well-respected no matter where you go. When owner’s put time, money, and love into their cars, the results are always evident. That’s why this G35 brings you ferocity and stamina with a touch of stance.
    Felipe Marques from Weston, FL bought this ’05 6 speed G35 coupe back in 2010. Before making the purchase, Marques had overlooked this particular car several times. Fate had its way and, after several attempts of denying this particular G, Felipe became it’s new rightful owner. One month later, the modifications had begun.
   Getting accustomed to the “low-life”, Marques quotes, “First week with my car lowered and fenders rolled, I went to a meet in Miami, and my car got completely stuck in the middle of the road.”

   Two years later, every obstacle was overcome; this build was finally getting the attention it deserved. With many personal touches and mag Fiji blue wheels that anyone can admire, this unique ride definitely does not disappoint. When mixing class and luxury with the fast-growing art of stance, this G35 is a portrait of perfection.

G35 Blue_1 WM

G35 Blue_2 WM

G35 Blue_4 WM

G35 Blue_9 WM

G35 Blue_7 WM

Owner’s Facts.
Dream Car & Why? R34 R-Tuned Edition; “I chose this car because of its great handling and looks. And also the fact that this car is Godzilla, making my G35.. Baby Godzilla.” 
Current Daily Driver: 2005 Nissan Sentra Special Edition.
What’s currently playing in your earphones right now? LMFAO- Champagne Showers
Car Mods:
  • K sport Kontact Pro coilovers
  • ’07 G35 sport bumper
  • Headlight and tail lights
  • Custom Strafe trunk
  • HKS true dual exhaust
  • SPC camber arms 5.8 rear 4 Front
  • Custom G37 brake kit
  • Stillen roof spoiler
  • Custom black suede roof liner
  • Custom courtesy lights
  • JDM clear corners


Wheel Specs:
  • Varrstone 3.3.2 – Mag Fiji Blue
  • 19×9.5 Front +12 Offset
  • 19×10.5 Rear +12 Offset
  • 15mm space in rear
Shout Out:

Biggest shout out would be to my Nisflo family for all the constructive criticism and help. Thanks to Chris Jones for spending the long hours test fitting mods on my car.”

G35 Blue_10 WM

G35 Blue_11 WM

G35 Blue_12 WM

G35 Blue_14 WM

G35 Blue_17 WM

G35 Blue_18 WM

G35 Blue_19 WM

G35 Blue_20 WM

G35 Blue_21 WM

G35 Blue_22 WM



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