RHD Grocery Getter

RHD Accord_14WM

Written: Krystal Gonzalez                        
Photographers: StanceMiami 

This week we bring you a ’97 Honda Accord SIR – old school, classy, and definitely JDM. Born and raised in Japan, the SiR wagon model included the only 2.3-liter H23A DOHC VTEC H-series engine in the Honda line-up. The H23A had better acceleration because the peak torque occurred sooner at lower RPM when compared to the H22A. This car hasn’t always had the popularity it deserves, but turning heads is a must for this ride. 

          Ronny Rosario from Miami, FL spent about 7 months building this car including the wait for the rims to get made. His inspiration for this build was the actual car. “This car is the first out of 2 in total that they have in the states, and by this car being one of a kind, it motivated me to make it look even more spectacular. I had a couple of obstacles along the way, but nothing we couldn’t fix. Only naming one, when we went to New York for Honda Day 2012 and all of the pot holes bent my rear camber a little, I was mad for a little while. But as soon as I got to Miami, I got a new set.”

          With this accord finally complete and a clear success, Rosario has some other ideas up his sleeve. “A future build I have in mind is a 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring Edition. I’m a family man with 2 daughters; I need more space for the family and I want to make this ride look as good as the wagon. I want to take my daughters to school in style when they grow up.” Much respect goes out to this unique accord for keeping its form and function on point. 


RHD Accord preview_1

RHD Accord_11WM

RHD Accord_12WM

RHD Accord_14WM

RHD Accord_15WM

RHD Accord_18WM


  • CCW LM20 19×9 with a +19 off set Front and Rear Gold Anodized Centers.
  • Rear Wicked Camber kits and front SPC Camber Ball Joint Kit.
  • Function Form Type 2 Suspension
  • Rare detachable GSquare Steering wheel.

Owner’s Specs:

Dream car: My dream car is the Toyota Supra; I’ve always been a fan of this car ever since I was a kid.

Favorite/Most Used website for parts: JHPUSA.COM, FLACCORD, HONDATECH, RHDJAPAN.

Whats playing in your earphones right now?: I have too much to list. I have lots of favorite songs, starting with Spanish music all the way to English.

Shout Out:

“To JDM KINGS and to all my boys that helped me put this baby on point. (Ariel Matute, Jerson Matute & Luis Colon)”


RHD Accord_17WM

RHD Accord_16WM

RHD Accord_19WM

RHD Accord_3WM

RHD Accord_4WM

RHD Accord_6WM

RHD Accord_5WM


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