G37 Stance Mick_4WM

Written: Krystal Gonzalez                        
Photographers: StanceMiami 

Not only does this week’s car have flawless looks, but also impressive power under the hood to say the least. This car is definitely worth putting time, money, and hard work into, which is exactly what Juan Razuri from Pembroke Pines, FL has done. Razuri’s ’08 Infiniti G37S took about four months to build.
“I wanted something elegant, classy, and aggressive at the same time. It’s a car that would satisfy any car enthusiast because of the way it looks, the way it drives, and the different ideas that can be applied to its model.”
 With so many options these days, deciding which route to take for customizing your car is always something to think twice about. Nissan’s luxury brand does not disappoint when it comes to giving you a perfect canvas to paint. Razuri noted that with the color and body style of this car, he had to be very careful in what parts and modifications to go chose.
“We had many options for the car….It was a whole process when it came to the point of making the final decision.”

This feature not only brings you a well-done build, but the presence of professionalism is very present in this car. RodSpeed was a huge part in the making of it, and we really enjoyed featuring this car.We will first show you a photo of the car when it was a blank canvas.  We hope you all enjoy it! 

Photobucketphoto (17)G37 ED_1 WMG37 ED_4WM

G37 ED_3WM

G37 ED_5WM

G37 ED_6WM

G37 Stance Mick_11WM

– Custom black housing headlights
– 8k HID replacements for low beams
– 8k HID conversion on Inner Fog lights
– Full LED conversion
– Custom flat black front oem grill
– Stillen front splitter
– Stillen rear diffuser
– 30% smoke taillights
– Oem trunk spoiler
– Custom roof spoiler

– Ark full titanium exhaust system ( Dual )
– Stillen dual cold air intake system
– Cusco strut bar
– Cusco lower tie bar
– Ark test pipe
– Ark mid pipe

– Megan full adjustable coilovers/ dampening adjustment
– Ichiba front camber kit
– Ichiba rear camber kit
– Ichiba rear toe bolts
– Akebono full brake kit
– Akebono drilled slotted rotors
– R40 titanium log nuts
– 20″ Stance Wheels SC5 Machine Black
* Front 20×10 * Rear 20×10.5
– Falken Tires
*Front 235/30/20
*Rear 275/30/20
– 12mm spacers on the front / Extended Studs ( To clear Brake Kit)

Owner’s Specs:
Dream Car and why?
– Nissan Skyline R34; its very rare and unique and meets all my standards.

Favorite/Most Used website for parts, etc?

And future builds you have in mind?
– Not at the moment, but before I had this G37, “RodSpeed” built a 2006 Honda Civic for me as well.

photo (17)



What’s playing in your earphones right now?
– Comfortable Numb by Pink Floyd

Shout Out:
RodSpeed as my main automotive shop and Rodrigo Leguizamon (Main Owner) for building my car and giving a new and unique style to it. Ideas, concepts, and details were given from the shop and that was very helpful in the process of building the whole car.

G37 Stance Mick_15WM

G37 ED_20WM

G37 ED_17WM

G37 ED_14WM

G37 ED_15WM

G37 ED_13WM

G37 Stance Mick_1

G37 Stance Mick_10WM

G37 Stance Mick_12

G37 Stance Mick_5WM

G37 Stance Mick_18WM


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