nurotag video coverage.


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It was a big weekend for car enthusiasts all over South Florida, but nurotag made quite the impression at Soho Studios located in Miami this past Saturday, September 29th 2012. Bringing style and class together with this unique event, nurotag succeeded in engaging a diverse crowd with luxury, domestic, exotic, foreign and everything in between.

This definitely wasn’t your average showcase. Taking a new approach, nurotag gave the crowd a voice through social media. Using custom #hashtags visible on the front of each vehicle, attendees were encouraged to tweet and instagram their favorites.

Of course, StanceMiami wouldn’t miss the chance at such a unique event. Shooting the event from beginning to end, we bring you the best of the best. For us here at StanceMiami it started at Rodspeed and then we made our way with the group to the event location.

 For best quality watch in HD.


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