You wish you had this as a kid.


Photographer: StanceMiami
Writer: Krystal Gonzalez
Editor: Ariel Mulchan

This week’s feature will bring you back to the first time you laid eyes on a mobile masterpiece. Whether you were 5, 16, 30, or 50, this unique set of wheels will definitely bring up some fond memories.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Nathaniel Pettigrew, age 2, has a growing excitement for anything on wheels that is sure to bring his father pride as it grows into the same passion that car enthusiasts, like ourselves, have. While most kids find themselves looking to spend time at the candy or toy store, Nathaniel prefers to spend time at the shop with his father, who is a mechanic. Here, Nathan is exposed to the many makes and models of cars that are lowered with performance upgrades that spark that innocent twinkle in his eye.

For his first birthday, Nathaniel received his first power wheel. It was a small, one-seater car, but he loved it and spent every day working on it with his plastic tool set. This was the proud moment when his father realized that Nathaniel shares the same love for cars as he does. Recognizing a great potential in Nathaniel, his father began to teach him basic car care, the various uses of different tools, and has even spent a lot of time flipping through car magazines with him.

Fast forward to his second birthday, Nathaniel’s dad already had plans to purchase a bigger and better power wheel and was drawn to the mini Cooper as soon as he saw it. The best part about this Cooper was that it came in pieces, which gave Nathaniel the opportunity to put his first car together. After a few weeks of learning how to maneuver his car better, Nathaniel and his dad started the customization process and Nathaniel was even happier the day his mini was lowered than the day that he actually got it! They also installed a “stick shift” lever to make it easier for him to shift from drive to reverse.

The original plan was to just keep it simple and slam it out, but after attending a few car events/shows and seeing the reaction his Cooper was getting from the crowds, they decided to go all out with it. Ready to get his young hands dirty, Nathaniel and his dad started by stripping the car down to just a bare shell and painting the outside of the car in a moss green with a candy clear. A set of strobe and fog lights were then installed on the car and they customized the wheels. A few more goodies were added, like a lower tie bar and splitter under the front bumper. Nathaniel’s mini Cooper has come a long way from when it was originally purchased and he takes pride in his “daily driver”. Besides a future plan to change the rim design, Nathaniel and his dad are already on to a bigger and better project.




















15 thoughts on “You wish you had this as a kid.

  1. I hope Nate and D are enjoying this experience together to the max! Great job on the mini, I am sure the next project is going to turn heads just like this one!!

  2. Just bought my son a Mini Cooper power wheels, I will attempt to do this on my own lol would love to get some more info on this!

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