Black Beauty


Photographer: Kevis Mulchan
Writer: Ariel Mulchan

David Gutierrez from Weston, FL never thought he’d own a car like this one. This head turning, street hugging black beauty has come a long way in the hands of David.

David has always had a passion for cars and was quite the artist growing up, drawing Supras and shading in beastly body kits. Since he was 8 years old, David just knew that customizations were his thing. After attending Accord Florida Meet 2011 (AFM 2011) and he quickly joined It’s safe to say that David was meant for this black beauty and he has all his hard work to prove it!

Switching from his beastly pencil models, David spent a total of 1 year getting this 2008 Accord LX Honda beauty to ride how he wanted it. Overcoming the common obstacle of how to pay for his mods, David worked full-time (sometimes overtime) while he was a student to make sure he could get the build he wanted. In addition, like any worried Mother, his Mom wanted to make sure he was investing his money wisely  and would let him borrow her car if he was having mechanical issues. (we say, “Well done!”)

David started off following the crowd; buying the same old parts and doing the same old mods you see everywhere. Eventually, he got to a point where he knew he had to be different. Switching up his game plan, David has done a number of custom mods.







  • V6 front and rear conversion
  • OEM V6 fog lights with custom-made amber film
  • Mugen grill
  • Custom made retrofit by Vinh Ho (My8thgen) Morimoto Mini H1
  • Red tinted tail lights
  • Roof spoiler
  • Trunk lid spoiler
  • Front and rear Modulo lip kit
  • Weathertech window visors
  • Volk GT-V 19×9.5 +30 Front and 19×10.5 +24 Rear, custom painted
  • Falken 452 tires


  • Fahrenheit F81 Accord
  • Pioneer Double Din AVH-P4300DVD
  • Weathertech Floor Liners
  • Amber ambient lights
  • Alpine Type-R Components and coaxial
  • 2 12″ Alpine Type-R Subwoofer with custom-made enclosure
  • Full LED conversion


    • Megan EZ Coilovers
    • SPC 3-piece rear arms
    • Custom adapted RBC Intake Manifold
    • K&N Short Ram Intake
    • UR Front Strut Bar
    • UR 19mm Sway Bar
    • EBC Blackdash rotors
    • Akebono Brake pads
    • Fully custom dual exhaust with Magnaflow tips and mufflers






Finally arriving at his final milestone, David’s favorite sites to use while completing his mods were and Of course, he had the support of his girlfriend, who attended every meet with him. In the future, he plans to build a classic muscle car with his girlfriend’s dad – most likely a 66-69 Mustang. (Talk about a beauty!) His thoughts… “A true lover of cars does not stick to only one kind; they are always open to any new thoughts.”

Shout outs: “I would like to thank the whole community for their help and support. They were my first inspiration and have always been there whenever I have had a problem. Likewise, I would like to thank Luis, who helped me “invest my money wisely” so my Mom wouldn’t worry. Finally, to my friend Boback, who let me order and ship parts to his house, keep my parts, work on my car and wash my car at his house on a weekly basis.”










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