Black & White


Photographer: Kevis Mulchan
Writer: Krystal Gonzalez


Alejandro Martinez from Miami brings us this stunning ’03 Nissan 350z. If you had the opportunity to see this car in person, your head would definitely be turning. Martinez’s Z has come a long way ever since he bought it 4 years ago. Still an ongoing build, he is constantly making tweaks to get it as close to perfect as possible.

Being more into the fast life, Alejandro started hearing about the hellaflush scene. That’s when He decided that the aggressive look and character it gave was the look he was going to shoot for. After saving his pennies, he gathered up enough to buy a set of coilovers and some Varrstoen wheels to go along with that. Martinez felt he had to move away from that look as he came across Enkei’s and some other ideas for body work. After a total of 5 months of no driving and much hard work in order to finish the body, the perfect fitment was created.

When all is said and done, we can all agree this Z is most definitely unique and is a job well done. We enjoyed shooting this car and hopefully our fans can get to enjoy seeing it in person someday. Martinez quotes, “This feature itself is a mile stone and shows that people do take notice of my car and enjoy viewing it.”






Dream Car:
My dream car is the skyline R34. I love the overall aggressiveness of the car and rarity of they care makes it my dream car. That car is perfect in its oem state with out needing any mods and that’s hard to come by.
As much as I love my car, sometimes I have the need for speed, so I will definitely be looking for a new build – most likely an AE86.

Favorite Website for Parts: because they will always give you a discount for being a member of the site.

What’s playing in your headphones right now?:
Hands on the Wheel by School Boy Q.

Future Mods:
I’ve been looking into changing the color of the car and a change of wheels which might come very soon. That’s all I can say now, you’ll have to stay tuned to see what color and wheels I’m going with…








  • Enkei ABC exclusives 19×10 -5/19×12 +0 machined face polished lips.
  • BC Racing BR type coilovers
  • God Speed camber arms
  • God Speed toe arms


  • Duraflex n1 front bumper
  • Custom wide body rear fenders


  • Wood grain NR-G steering wheel
  • Custom planetarium headliner


  • Straight pipe with HKS style exhaust
  • JWT pop charger
  • Kinetix Racing V+ intake plenum



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