Lady Driven

Sentra_12WM cover

Photographers: Rondon Rigues, Kevis Mulchan
Writer: Ariel Mulchan


There’s nothing like a new set of wheels! That’s exactly what Simone Brown from Margate, Florida thought when she got her hands on a brand new 2013 Nissan Sentra SR.

Inspiration for the build started to flow when Simone began seeing all of the FortuneMinds  cars and immediately wanted in. Not taking no for an answer, she began to plan her build. As a brand new model, parts for this Sentra were not readily available, forcing Simone to get creative. Simone spent her time wisely, ordering parts and customizing the build even before she had the keys.

After a month of being immersed in researching ideas to perfect this beauty, Simone’s ride was finally complete. As a classy and sleek final product, it just goes to show you, there’s nothing like that of a woman’s work.







Mods in Detail:

  • M45 projectors retro fitted in OEM Headlights(The first and Only Sentra in the States with them)
  • 8k H.I.Ds
  • V-line front lip
  • OEM polish Nissan door sills
  • OEM Nissan puddle lights kit
  • OEM interior accent lighting kit
  • 370z exhaust tip
  • Mild rear fender pull

Wheel/Suspension Setup:

  • 20″ Lipps rims painted candy pink
  • Maya outers
  • Custom Hello Kitty center caps
  • Nissan Sylphy Megan springs





Shout Outs: Nax Whitmore, FortuneMinds, EmeraldPerformance, Slammered Inc.

Dream Car and Why?: I like big body cars, like the 2013 LS460 F (speed and luxury, and it just looks mean).

What’s playing in your headphones right now?: I’m Different by 2Chains










8 thoughts on “Lady Driven

    • boy do i love to have fun with this car!,…such dismal sales nbuemrs,…yet,such an incredible car!,…i think nissan might finally be getting the message,[ i’ve heard rumours from my highly placed car folks that they finally have declared defeat,and will on all likelyhood kill this fairly soon]…that no-one really wants a 100,000 dollar nissan,…which is a shame,…’cause it truly is a remarkable acheivement, a techno-wonder car,…problem is that at that dollar cost,…people don’t really want a nissan,…they want a porsche,…this car’s arch enemy,…sorry nissan, thinks you’re days are numbered, and at some not to distant point,…they’ll discontinue this car,…which is actually rather sad,…no-ones gonna buy this newer version either,..people at that cost point are badge snobs,…and ain’t gonna spend 100k on a nissan!

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