Clean S2k


Photographer: Slam District / A+ Photography
Writer: Ariel Mulchan

Ever had someone doubt you could do it? Ahmad Hassan from Orlando, FL did.

This chatoyant ’05 Honda S2000 is proof that one can beat the odds and attain their dreams. Ahmad spent his time perfecting his vision, even after being filled with negativity and doubt. For Ahmad, this only fueled him with motivation and desire to prove everyone wrong and create the car he had always envisioned.

Lowered, slammed, then dumped, Ahmad and his daily driver have been through it all. Carefully waiting for the right parts to become available, Ahmad searched through forum after forum to inspire and create his build. Once the parts he wanted became available, he immediately made his move.

Ahmad says, “The Honda S2000 is my dream car because it is the first manual car I drove. Ever since then, I knew I wanted this car because of its look, shape, and RWD.” With a little hard work and determination, Ahmad’s dreams have become reality. Future plans for this beastly, two-door ride include re-lipped wheels, a new paint job, and flaring the fenders.

Future builds you have in mind? “As of right now my next build is a 93 rx7 which I’m building for both form and function.”

Who you would like to thank? “shout out to Slam District Crew.”


    • Apexi exv coilovers
    • Oem front lip
    • Oem spoiler
    • Oem hardtop
    • Greddy rs exhaust
    • Work Equip Wheels 18×8 +30 18×8.5 +28












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