VIDEO StanceMiami Meet hosted by EliteRoads.


Camera: Danny Gonzalez, Michel Mulchan
Post Production: Kevis Mulchan

We bring you coverage from our very own StanceMiami Meet. Held at EliteRoads in Fort Lauderdale on May 4th 2013, the StanceMiami Meet was our first of many events that we plan on doing. This event included food trucks, $40 alignment specials, live DJ, giveaways, etc. We expected to fill the EliteRoads property with cars, but about  2 weeks before the event we realized it was going to be way bigger than we anticipated as people from all over south Florida showed interest in attending. We ended up packing the parking lot, and 3-4 blocks in every direction around EliteRoads with hundred of cars and thousands of people. I’ve been told by many that this is maybe one of the biggest meets held in Florida. There was great diversity in the cars that came out from rat rods, euros, jdm, domestics, exotics, rucks, and everything in between. Also, we had lots of good, quality builds out there. We are so thrilled it was a huge success and want to give shout outs to our sponsors/partners/vendors who came out to support. Vossen Wheels, Signature Customs Wraps, K3Projekt, Underground Euros, Ibe Stamped, Dipworks Inc., Rodspeed, XO Luxury, Ruff Racing Alloy Wheels. Last but not least huge shout out to EliteRoads for helping us host our first event. Don’t worry, we have something else in the works…stay tuned and thank you all for your continued support.

 photo storebannerMERCH_zps79aee1e8.gif


StanceMiami Meet Hosted by EliteRoads 2013. from StanceMiami on Vimeo.


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