Storm Trooper



2nd FINAL photo ELITE-AD-PROOF2_zpsc084f927.gif

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Robbie Effron from South Florida drives this slammed 2010 Dodge Charger R/T. Robbie’s goal for this ride was to be different; he was tired of seeing Chargers with chrome 22’s and was inspired to create something unique.

Taking just over a year to build, Robbie has successfully accomplished created a unique asset to the Charger community. Facing everything from lack of time to lack of financial resources, Robbie finally progressed to the completion of the vision he had for the car.

Robbie does not currently have any future builds in mind, but does plan to continue to add to the Charger to make it the best it can be. Future plans for the Charger are cams, headers, and interior work, such as a new steering wheel and wrapped headliner. Robbie is even considering a supercharger. Perhaps, he may eventually get a chance to own and modify his dream car, a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T.

Special thanks to: Sound Blazers, Elite Roads, and After Hours MOPAR Performance for all the great work they did on the car.

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SLP Loudmouth 1 exhaust
K&N cold air intake
Diablosport Predator tuner with a custom 93 octane cold air intake tune
Street Edge coilovers
3 Kicker amps
2 12″ Kicker L3 subwoofers
Various billet items under the hood from Billet Technology
Speedlogix strut covers
Speedlogix catch can
Custom painted engine cover
Gloss black vinyl wrapped roof
Painted grille
Rolled, pulled, and shaved fenders
Rear Daytona air diffuser
22″ Concavo CW5’s front 22×9 rear 22×10.5

2nd FINAL photo ELITE-AD-PROOF2_zpsc084f927.gif

 photo storebannerMERCH_zps79aee1e8.gif








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