Welcome to StanceMiami.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of who we are and what we are about.

Who is StanceMiami?

StanceMiami was created to embrace and promote the Extreme Fitment Movement (or as we like to call it, the TUCK IT!Philosophy). After dreaming of it for years, StanceMiami’s founder, Kevis Mulchan, decided to embrace the opportunity to bring the TUCK IT! Philosophy to life through an online community known as Intense Auto. Shortly after the creation of Intense Auto in January 2012, the company quickly evolved from just a social media escape for automotive enthusiasts into a widespread community across the South Florida regions. In April 2012, the company was renamed StanceMiami and continues it’s extensive growth.

What does StanceMiami do?

StanceMiami is aggressively involved in the South Florida automotive community by offering professional photography shoots for car enthusiasts. StanceMiami uses the photo shoots as an opportunity to feature different cars and vehicles on their blog for others to start conversation. The idea is to inspire and create an automotive style specific to the SouthFlorida regions and get everyone talking. In addition, StanceMiami aims to build its brand through sponsoring and hosting car meets and shows.

In recent events, StanceMiami has opened an online store for fans to purchase official branded merchandise. StanceMiami hopes that one day the store will grow into a line of merchandise known all throughout the car scene.

What is the TUCK IT! Philosophy?

You are probably wondering what exactly the TUCK IT! Philosophy is all about. The TUCK IT! Philosophy refers to theExtreme Fitment Movement, which is simply referring to the offset of the wheel.

Created by StanceMiami’s co-founder, Ariel Mulchan, the TUCK IT! Philosophy comes into play when referring to the stretching of the tire in order to tuck the tire underneath the fender of the vehicle while allowing the rim to poke past the fender. Using coilovers or air suspension, the vehicle must also be stanced (or lowered) in order to achieve ultimate tucking, or the TUCK IT! Philosophy.

Although the Extreme Fitment Movement is nothing new in the car scene, the TUCK IT! Philosophy was created to assist in the development of an automotive style specific to the South Florida regions. In other words, we aren’t looking to take credit for the already developed Extreme Fitment Movement, but rather looking to improve what tucking is all about.

What is StanceMiami’s mission?

Our mission is to encourage and inspire car enthusiasts to embrace their creativity and passion; to embrace the TUCK IT! Philosophy; and to achieve ultimate stancing.

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